Boat list

Green =     Not Restricted, Members Only
Yellow =    Semi-Restricted, Experienced Active Members
Red =          Restricted, Apply to Captain/Vice Captain

Please review the boat policy Boat Allocation and Usage Policy v2

Boat Weight Range Ave   Rigger
Racing Sculls      
Peter Aberle X/Heavy 90 -100kg  95kg  Wing
Deb. Cling Medium – Heavy 75-85kg  80kg  Wing
Jenny Hayles Light-Medium 70-80kg  75kg  Wing
Dick Garrard Light 57 – 68kg  57kg  Wing
Ted Hale (bow rig) Heavy 80-90kg  85kg  Bow
Geoff Hayles Heavy 80-90kg  85kg  Wing
The Axe (In storage) Heavy 80-90kg (In Storage )  85kg  Side
Ellenor Clarke Medium – Heavy 75-85kg  85kg  Side
Ted Hale Medium 70-80kg  75kg  Side
Sue Campbell Medium 70-80kg  75kg  Wing
Avergo (tracer) Medium 70-80kg  75kg  Wing
Anita Whitehouse Light – Medium 65-75kg  75kg  Side
Geoff Barfoot Light – Medium 65-75kg  70kg  Side
Diamond Jim (Iniatator) Light- Medium 55-70kg  70kg  Wing
Tub Sculls      
Winter & Taylor N/A    
Tony Rowan N/A    
Jack Horton N/A    
Gordon Cowey N/A    
Everist (trainer scull) N/A    
Racing Double/Pairs      
Don Lester Heavy 80-90kg  85kg  Wing
Wendy Allen Medium -Heavy 75-85kg  80kg  Wing
New boat Light – Medium 60 -75kg    Wing
Brian Keating Medium -Heavy 75-85kg  80kg  Side
Golden Oldies (scull only) Light – Medium 60 -75kg  75kg  Wing
Albert Bell Medium – Heavy 75-85kg  80gk  Side
John Elliot Medium 70 -80kg  75kg  Side
The Hayles Family Light – Medium 60 -75kg  75gk  Side
Tub Doubles      
Bill Searle N/A    
Robbie Allen N/A    
Tub Pair      
Reg Armitage N/A    
Coxless quad/fours      
Our Sponsors Heavy 80-90kg  85kg  Side
Peter Searle Medium -Heavy 75-85kg  80kg  Wing
Jeff Sykes Light – Medium 65 -85kg  75kg  Side
Ron Podbury Light – Medium 65 -85kg  80kg  Side
Coxed Racing Quad/Fours      
Jeff Watt bow coxed coxless option Heavy 80-90kg  80kg  Side
The Penning – bow coxed.
Four option – Jeff Sykes riggers
Medium – Heavy 75-85kg


 80kg  Side
New quad (scull only) Light-Medium 50 -75kg    Wing
Rene Klupacs – four only, coxless or bow
coxed option
Heavy 80-90kg


 85kg  Side
Stuart & Leisa Wilson – stern coxed Light-Medium 65 -80kg  70kg  Side
Tub Quad/Fours      
Joan Sykes N/A   Side
Tub Fours      
Ernie Searle N/A    Side
Ian Bridgland Heavy 85-95kg  90kg  Wing
Sally & Graeme Medium – Heavy 75-85kg  80kg  Wing
Bob Morell Medium – Heavy 80-90kg  85kg  Wing
Frank Stevens Medium – Heavy 75-85kg    Side