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The Head of the Barwon Regatta will be held on Friday, 29th September, and Club entries need to be with Vice Captain Christine by this Friday, 22nd September.

The regatta is in 2 sessions:

Session 1             commencing 1:30pm is small boats, 1x and 2x

Session 2             commencing 4:00pm is for quads, fours and eights


If you are interested in participating in this 4.5km time-trial event, let Christine ( know your crew details.

If you would be interested but don’t have a crew, again let her know and if possible she will organise an entry for you.




Would have been on Friday 29th, but because the after-regatta catering for the Head of the Barwon will be at Barwon Rowing Club, will not be held at CBRC this month.

Come and join us at Barwon RC and join in the post regatta festivities!



The CBRC Management Committee has undergone a restructuring, with the new Committee.

Four subcommittees have been created, to handle day-to-day decision-making, leaving the Committee a role of overview and of strategic decision-making.

The four subcommittees will be:

  1. Operations: the area currently handled by Captain/Vice Captain and the Rowing Committee

Chair: Peter Aberle

  1. Finance: all aspects of money movements and of memberships

Chair: Ian Bridgland

  1. Governance: ensuring that policies and procedures are in place and are current, and ensuring that the Club is meeting all of its legal and ethical obligations

Chair: Graeme David

  1. Facilities, Communications and Social

Chair: Chris Hudgell

Each subcommittee is headed by a member of the Committee Executive, with at least one other Committee member.

The subcommittees are encouraged to reach out into the membership to bring in other interested people: to spread the workload, to increase knowledge of committee activities throughout the membership, and to aid in succession planning.

You may find yourself “tapped on the shoulder” to join one of the subcommittees, and I strongly encourage you to consider doing so. On the other hand if you have an interest in a particular area, there is nothing to stop you volunteering ….



If you’re thinking about the Head of the Mitchell Regatta (October 14th; Bairnsdale) the following from Bairnsdale RC may be of interest:

Just wanting to provide you with a flyer regarding our post regatta entertainment which will be hosted at The Riversleigh.

 At this stage we will have two drone operators working on filming the day’s racing and this will be replayed at the function.

 Also we are encouraging rowers to join in some lighthearted entertainment by participating in the Red Faces Rowing song comp, with prizes awarded by popular vote. So please get out your club song and join in.


The flyer is attached. Please see Ian Bridgland or Richard Axe for more information about this regatta.



The Club’s next LTR group commences Sunday, 1st October, from 9:30-11:00am.

The LTR course runs for 4 weeks, and will conclude with a Graduation Day on Sunday, 29th October, which all club members are invited to attend.

We will also have a boat naming ceremony on this day, for the training scull kindly donated by the Everist family.

If you have some time to spare on the next few Sunday mornings, and would be available to assist in the coaching of our LTR participants, please let me know.




Paul Hargreaves


Corio Bay Rowing Club

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