Boat list

Green =    Not Restricted
Yellow =   Semi Restricted: Experienced members
Red =       Restricted: Apply to Captain/Vice Captain

Please review the boat policy Boat Allocation and Usage Policy v2

Category Weight Range Racing Sculls  Rigger
Red 90-100kg Peter Aberle  Wing
Red 80-90kg Sarah Perkins  Wing
Red 75-85kg Deb. Cling  Wing
  65-75kg Anita Whitehouse  Side
Red 57-68kg Dick Garrard  Wing
Yellow 80-90kg Geoff Hayles  Wing
Yellow 80-90kg Ted Hale (bow rig)  Bow
Yellow 75-85kg Ellenor Clarke  Side
Yellow 70-80kg Avergo (tracer)  Wing
Yellow 70-80kg Sue Campbell  Wing
Yellow 70-80kg Jenny Hayles  Wing
Yellow 70-80kg Ted Hale  Side
Yellow 65-75kg Geoff Barfoot  Side
Yellow 55-70kg Diamond Jim (Iniatator)  Wing
Tub Scuds
Green Olympic Ten Kay  Wing
Green Club Class Gordon Cowey  Wing
Green Club Class Cameron Foreman  Wing
Green Club Class Elaine White  Wing
Green N/A Everist (trainer scull)  Wing
Racing Double/Pairs
Red 90-95kg New Double/Pair  Wing
Red 80-90kg Don Lester  Wing
Red 60-75kg Robert England  Wing
Red 60-69Kg Pam Westendorf: Pair only  Wing
Yellow 75-85kg Wendy Allen  Wing
Yellow 75-85kg Brian Keating  Side
Yellow 60-75kg Golden Oldies: Scull only  Wing
Green 75-85kg Albert Bell (rigged as pair)  Side
Green 70-80kg John Elliot  Side
Green 60-75kg The Hayles Family  Side
Tub Doubles
Green N/A Bill Searle  Side
Green N/A Reg Armitage (rigged as pair)  Side
Green N/A Rob Allen  Side
Coxless quad/fours
Red 90-100kg Richard Axe  Wing
Red 80-90kg Our Sponsors  Side
Red 75-85kg Peter Searle  Wing
Red 65-85kg Jeff Sykes  Side
Red 65-85kg Brenda Ebbels  Wing
Yellow 65-85kg Ron Podbury  Side
Coxed Racing Quad/Fours
Red 85-95kg Ian Farran  Wing
Red 60-70kg New Coxed Quad/Four
Yellow 80-90kg Jeff Watt (Bow coxed or coxless)  Side
Yellow 75-85kg The Penning (bow coxed scull only)  Side
Yellow 50-75kg Paul van Prooyen (Scull only}  Wing
Green 65 -80kg Stuart & Leisa Wilson: Stern coxed  Side
Coxed Tub Quad/Fours
Green N/A Joan Sykes Side
Coxed Tub Fours
Green N/A Ernie Searle  Side
Red 85-95kg Ian Bridgland  Wing
Red 70-80kg Christine & Paul Hargreaves  Wing
Yellow 80-90kg Bob Morell  Wing
Yellow 75-85kg Sally & Graeme  Wing