Club News #9



There will be a private member function in the club rooms this Saturday evening, 2nd December.

As part of the setup for this function, the gym will be partially cleared during Friday, and will NOT be available throughout Saturday.

There will also be work undertaken in the upstairs area, however space will be available during the regatta for club and Sacred Heart members.




We are now into the school regatta season, with the first (Sacred Heart) regatta this Saturday, 2nd December. This will be followed by the Kardinia regatta on 9th December.


A reminder that REGATTA TRAFFIC RULES apply from midnight Friday night through to the conclusion of the regatta. This Saturday, that will be approximately 5:45pm.

Further, if you are intending to row early on Saturday morning, note that you must be clear of the regatta course by half an hour prior to the regatta commencement; this Saturday that is 7:30am.




The below notice regarding usage of the Barwon River has been received from Rowing Geelong, for the information of all river users:


Rowing Geelong maintains course maps, river rules, and river closure documents here:


Take note of the current season Barwon River closures:


And the Barwon River rowing rules:


Most importantly of all, please realize that the Barwon River is used by a number of different recreational users, including approximately 1000 local rowers, 200 local kayakers, 100 dragon boaters, and recreational waterskiers, and that respect should be shown to all river users at all times.




Paul Hargreaves


Corio Bay Rowing Club


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